A large group in Athens απο την Κα Θεόδωρα Σκαλή

A Large Group in Athens
By Theodora Skali

The material presented in this article comes from the sessions of a large group that took place within a one-year postgraduate program in group dynamics, which was implemented in the period 2012-2013.
The study of this material is associated with the effect of intrapsychic
organization on individual relations, and with the interaction between
individuals per se. Every Large group is a field in which the intrapsychic, the intersubjective and the social level constantly coexist, in the sense both of conflict and reconciliation of the
participants. The large group is a self-exploration field that forces the
participants to contact unseen personal sides, which may remain invisible in individual psychotherapeutic work.

Key words: large group, interaction process, coexistence of
intrapsychic, subjective, social

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